Uncle of would-be terrorist pleads guilty

NEW YORK, April 21 (UPI) -- The uncle of a man who admitted a plot to bomb the New York subway system has pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with investigators, court papers say.

Naqib Jaji, a taxi driver in Colorado, entered a plea secretly last year to obstruction of justice, the New York Daily News reported Thursday. He admitted destroying bomb-making supplies his nephew, Najibullah Zazi, had left at his home.


While Zazi pleaded guilty last year, his father, Mohammed Zazi, and another alleged accomplice are awaiting trial. Jaji has agreed to testify against them, the News said.

Jaji said his nephew used his garage to store chemicals, including toilet cleaner and nail polish, and equipment like scales and goggles. When he asked Zazi what the material was for, he responded "fertility medicine," court papers said.

Mohammed Zazi and Jaji had their wives clean out the garage so the FBI would not find the equipment, court papers said.

Zazi is scheduled to be sentenced this year and faces life in prison.

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