Transgender worker sues over firing

CAMDEN, N.J., April 12 (UPI) -- A transgender New Jersey man says he was unfairly fired from his job supervising men giving urine for drug testing.

El'Jai Devoureau, 39, of Gloucester County has sued Urban Treatment Associates, a drug treatment center in Camden, the Philadelphia Daily News reported Tuesday. The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund filed the lawsuit on his behalf Friday in Superior Court in Camden.


"Is El'Jai a male? The employer says no, and El'Jai says he is," Michael Silverman, a lawyer for the fund, said. "He's undergone hormone treatment and surgery."

The job involves watching as men urinate to insure they provide fresh urine for drug testing and do not slip in a substitute.

While born physically female, Devoureau told the newspaper he has considered himself a male since he was 5. He said several years ago he got his Georgia birth certificate changed along with other legal identification.

The drug treatment center dismissed him after an acquaintance who knew he had been born with female sexual organs recognized him there and told management.

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