Cop wants search for more Gacy victims

CHICAGO, March 18 (UPI) -- A Chicago police detective believes serial killer John Wayne Gacy had more victims and wants the search for their remains reopened.

The "Killer Clown," executed in 1994, was convicted of killing 33 young men and boys before his arrest in 1978, but he hinted the number could have been as high as 45.


Dill Dorsch tells WGN-TV, Chicago, he saw Gacy with a shovel in 1975, and suspected he was engaged in "more than an innocent act."

Police again excavated the grounds of Gacy's home in 1998 but said they found no new evidence of murder.

Dorsch, however, later received a letter from the radar company that scanned the area, saying police only excavated two out of 17 possible locations.

The Web site published a search warrant signed by Detective Edwin Dickinson that states: "There is credible scientific evidence to believe that the possibility exists that human remains are buried in the yard and black top."

"We'll be meeting with Chicago detectives to discuss any investigative work they may have done in the 1990s and then see where it leads," the Cook County Sheriff's Department said.


Some other investigators have pegged the number of Gacy victims much higher, saying killings also may have taken place outside Illinois.

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