Poll: Raise Social Security eligibility

ROCHESTER, N.Y., March 14 (UPI) -- Many may agree the trends of Social Security costs are unsustainable as baby boomers retire, but a U.S. survey indicates some agreement on possible remedies.

A Harris Poll of 3,171 U.S. adults surveyed Feb. 14-21 indicates almost everyone agrees reducing Medicare and Social Security benefits are the most unpopular options. Only 11 percent say they favored reducing Medicare or Social Security benefits.


Twenty-seven percent say taxes should be increased to help pay for the benefits, but the most popular solutions are encouraging more people age 65 and older to keep working -- 40 percent -- and increasing the age of eligibility for Social Security and Medicare -- 37 percent.

When asked which two of the five policy options people would choose if they had to pick only two, the rank remains the same with 55 percent saying people should work longer, while 51 say the age of eligibility should rise, 37 percent favor increasing taxes and 10 percent prefer reducing either Social Security or Medicare benefits.

Older people, especially those 65 or older, but some baby boomers, are much more supportive of both encouraging older people to work and increasing the ages of eligibility, those age 46 and under are less supportive of these options.


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