Semen confirmed in yogurt sample

Yogurt and soy yogurt, courtesy of Feuerrabe via Wikimedia Commons.

ALBUQUERQUE, Feb. 9 (UPI) -- Tests have confirmed a yogurt sample given to a woman shopper at a New Mexico supermarket had semen in it, police say.

An employee at the Sunflower Farmers Market in Albuquerque, Anthony Garcia, 31, is suspected of contaminating the yogurt. Police have obtained a search warrant to obtain DNA samples, The Smoking Gun reported.


A judge approved the warrant Jan. 28. Police said they needed to get samples to ensure there was nothing in the semen that could have harmed the woman.

The woman said Garcia approached her with the yogurt when she was in the store Jan. 25 and invited her to try a sample. She described the taste as "gross and disgusting."

Police discovered outstanding bench warrants for Garcia, including one involving alleged criminal sexual contact with a minor. He is now in jail.

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