Disbarred lawyer jailed for impersonation

WHEATON, Ill., Feb. 9 (UPI) -- A disbarred Illinois lawyer has been sent to prison for practicing under a false name.

Timothy Eddy, 46, of Burbank took on the identity of a former colleague after being disbarred in 2002, said a DuPage County prosecutor.


On Tuesday, he was sentenced to three years in DuPage County after pleading guilty to a felony charge of impersonating an attorney. On Monday, he pleaded guilty to a similar charge and got the same sentence in Will County.

Eddy was disbarred on charges of embezzling from a debt collection service but kept practicing in court under the name of a lawyer he had worked with there, prosecutor Helen Kapas-Erdman told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Eddy allegedly barricaded his door and tried to run away when police came to arrest him in July, authorities said. He allegedly cut a hole through his wall with a butcher knife, escaped into a neighboring apartment and jumped off a balcony before being captured.

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