Mother charged with killing 'mouthy' teens

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 29 (UPI) -- A Florida woman married to a military intelligence officer shot her son while driving him home from soccer and then killed her daughter, police allege.

Julie Schenecker, 50, has been charged with first-degree murder, The Tampa Tribune reported. After she was booked Friday, she was sent to Tampa General Hospital for treatment of a medical condition and was in intensive care, police said.


A police spokeswoman said Schenecker told officers the children were "mouthy and she was tired of it."

Schenecker allegedly shot her son Beau, 13, Thursday afternoon, using a gun she bought a few days before. When she returned to her home in a gated community in Tampa Palms, she allegedly killed her daughter, Calyx, 16, who was doing her homework.

Pat Powers, Schenecker's mother, who lives in Texas, called police hours later, saying she was concerned because her daughter had not been answering the telephone. Officers who went to the house found Schenecker, covered in blood on the porch.

She allegedly had written a long note saying she planned to kill her children and herself.

Her husband, Col. Parker Schenecker, assigned to U.S. Central Command, was in Qatar.


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