Amanda Knox takes heart from DNA ruling

NEW YORK, Dec. 20 (UPI) -- The mother of Amanda Knox, an American college student convicted of murder in Italy, says she is heartened by a new court ruling.

Knox, sentenced to 26 years for killing her roommate, is appealing her conviction. Over the weekend, an Italian court ordered that DNA evidence used in the trial be submitted for independent review.


The knife prosecutors said was used to kill Meredith Kercher and the victim's bra strap and the DNA found on them will be retested at the University of Rome. The defense contended the knife was not the weapon and the bra was tainted.

On CBS' "The Early Show" Monday, Edda Mellas, Knox's mother, said, "We've been asking all along that independent people take a look at the DNA, and now that's been granted."

She said her daughter is "definitely feeling a little better."

"She's terrified of this whole process and it's, you know, it's scary for her to stand up in court, but she finally was able to say everything she wanted to say and it was a very heartfelt, emotional statement," Mellas said.


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