Officers sue police chief for libel

CHICAGO, Oct. 27 (UPI) -- Two Chicago police officers accused Superintendent Jody Weis in a lawsuit of libel for wrongly implicating them in the beating of a teenager.

The suit, filed on behalf of Lynn Meuris and Jason Vanna, charges Weis held a news conference about the incident and published the officers' names in an internal police communication, the Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday.


Weis didn't identify the two officers at the news conference but the lawsuit says Meuris and Vanna were taken to police headquarters where they were escorted past a group of reporters and news cameras.

The two were among six officers and a police sergeant implicated by Weis in the Columbus Day beating of a handcuffed teenager.

Meuris and Vanna were cleared of any wrongdoing after satellite positioning data proved they weren't at the scene, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Attorney Daniel Q. Herbert said his clients want at least $50,000 in damages and an apology from Weis.

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