Study skewers black youth stereotypes

CHICAGO, Oct. 20 (UPI) -- The younger generation of African-Americans is serious about politics and somewhat skeptical of rap music, results of a study released Tuesday reveal.

The report issued by the University of Chicago was based on surveys and interviews and concluded black youth are by no means apathetic, can be socially conservative, and are turned off by negative messages contained in rap lyrics and videos.


Professor Cathy Cohen, the lead researcher of the study and author of a book based on its results, "Democracy Remixed, Black Youth and the Future of American Politics," said the research should clear up various "half truths" about the African-American community and its role in American politics.

"Ironically, missing from much of the debate over the lives of black youth and the political course of the country has been the sustained and detailed presentation of the voices, opinions and attitudes of black youth," Cohen said in a written statement.

Cohen said creeping stereotypes of young African-Americans having little interest in politics distracts from discussions of genuine issues such as discrimination and a lack of opportunities.

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