Latest in wave of quakes shakes Arkansas

CONWAY, Ark., Oct. 11 (UPI) -- Central Arkansas was shaken awake Monday morning as a 4.0-magnitude earthquake rattled an area north of Little Rock, a county official said.

The 8:33 a.m. quake was centered two miles southeast of Guy and was just one of 45 minor earthquakes reported since Wednesday afternoon, Shelia Maxwell of the Faulkner County Office of Emergency Management told KATV, Little Rock.


All but three of the earthquakes were recorded within three miles of Guy.

There were no serious damages or injuries, Scott Ausbrooks, geohazards supervisor with the U.S. Geological Survey, told the Baxter Bulletin.

Maxwell said the USGS is looking into the recent seismic activity in the area.

"We're having them in places we've never had them before," she said. "The USGS is looking into why we're having them and why there have been so many."

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