City backs Indy bakery in gay cookie flap

INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 10 (UPI) -- Officials in Indianapolis say refusing to bake cookies for a gay rights event was not an act of discrimination on the part of the bakery.

The commission that wrote the city's anti-discrimination ordinance said the bakery that turned down the order should not lose its lease at the City Market.


"We never intended for good businesses to be kicked out," Jackie Nytes, a City-County Council member and ordinance sponsor, told The Indianapolis Star. "We sure never meant for the ordinance to be interpreted that aggressively."

The Star Sunday said the council got involved after the owner of Just Cookies told a college gay rights group last month he would not fill an order for rainbow-iced cookies because he did not endorse homosexuality.

The City-Council Council said in a letter obtained by the Star "it would be wrong to force a business to support a political project with which they do not agree."

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