Highway killers are target of FBI

WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 (UPI) -- Highway serial killers may be responsible for 459 killings in the last four decades on U.S. roads from Alaska to Key West, FBI statistics show.

The victims are often prostitutes, abducted in one state and killed and dumped in another, authorities say, and the suspects are almost always long-haul truck drivers.


To date, the FBI says it has helped local authorities arrest at least 10 suspects believed to be involved in more than 30 of the killings, USA Today reported.

Since the FBI began the Highway Serial Killings initiative last year, local authorities have been sending information about unsolved slayings that fit the profile to FBI analysts.

The hope is that analysts can offer leads or find connections to other killings that may have happened years ago or several states away.

"We seem to have one a week that comes in," said Michael Harrigan, the special agent who oversaw the FBI's effort for the past three years. "It could be a killing that's 30 years old. It could be one that happened a week ago."

Law enforcement authorities say they believe serial killers still operate along some of the country's most well-traveled roads.


"They're out there," Harrigan says.

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