Battle over Geronimo relics continues

WASHINGTON, Aug. 10 (UPI) -- Descendants of Geronimo say they aren't giving up their legal effort to find out once and for all if the venerable Apache chief's remains are ensconced at Yale.

A Washington judge late last month dismissed a suit demanding that Yale's Skull and Bones society turn over a skull and other remains that, according to legend, are inside the club's building in Connecticut.


But Ramsey Clark, who is representing 20 descendants of Geronimo, said this week he would turn to various federal government agencies to seek permission to dig up Geronimo's grave at the Fort Sill military base in Oklahoma to determine whether or not his remains are intact.

"We believe that (this case) is awfully important, not only to the wishes of Geronimo himself, but to the spirit of the Indian people and their relationships to the government of the United States," Clark told the Yale Daily News.

Clark's suit was dismissed July 27 on the grounds the plaintiffs had failed to prove a valid reason for the federal government to drop its immunity against legal action. The suit named the federal government as well as Yale and Skull and Bones.


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