Chicago passes new gun control measure

CHICAGO, July 2 (UPI) -- Chicago has approved a new gun control measure days after the U.S. Supreme Court threw out the its longstanding handgun ban, city officials said.

Under a measure passed 45-0 by the Chicago City Council, anyone wanting to purchase a handgun must obtain a Chicago firearm permit, and the police department can take up to four months to process the application, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday.


To obtain a permit, applicants must pass a firearms training course with four hours in the classroom and an hour on firing range, the newspaper said.

People convicted of violent crimes or who have two or more convictions of driving under the influence alcohol or drugs will be refused permits under the new law, which is to go into effect in 10 days.

Legal challenges are likely from some of the pro-firearm groups whose challenge to Chicago's existing ban led to the Supreme Court decision, the Tribune said.

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