Exec: Too much texting in workplace

CHICAGO, April 26 (UPI) -- The chief executive of Time Inc. says e-mail, texting and multimedia messaging is threatening to poison the workday.

An internal study of digital messaging at Time-owned People magazine turned up alarming rates of inefficiency among staffers, Ann Moore, 59, told the Chicago Network, a women's business group.


"There's a lot of wasted time and effort in America," Moore said, urging more voice and face-to-face contact.

That is unlikely to happen since all studies show digital messaging is on the rise, said Roger Entner, senior vice president of research and insights for the Nielsen Co.

"We have the right devices, the right networks and the right applications. It's finally happening on a massive, massive scale," Enter told the Chicago Tribune in a story published Monday.

Smart-phone penetration, with its ease of Internet access, is predicted to rise from 21 percent of all wireless subscribers at the end of 2009 to 50 percent and more by the end of 2011, Nielsen studies showed.

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