TV, Internet top U.S. news choices

WASHINGTON, Feb. 26 (UPI) -- U.S. respondents to a Pew Research Center poll on media usage indicate they are more likely to get daily news from television or the Internet.

The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism asked more than 2,200 people where they get their news. Nearly all -- 92 percent -- of the respondents said they use multiple platforms but television topped the list.


The data indicate 7 percent of those asked got news from a single platform, which was typically the Internet or local TV news.

About 80 percent said they heard and saw news from a local TV station's newscast while 73 percent cited a national network, such as CBS, or cable news outlet such as CNN or Fox News, as a source of news.

And 61 percent told pollsters they read some kind of news online.

Also mentioned was radio at home or in the car (54 percent); the local newspaper (50 percent) and a national newspaper, such as USA Today (17 percent).

Pew pointed out that the Internet has become the third-most-used source for news but there was a clear sign that U.S. news consumers are using more than one news source.

The Pew poll was conducted via telephone contact with 2,259 U.S. adults form Dec. 28-Jan. 19. The data carry a margin of error of 2.3 percentage points.

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