Roeder: No sympathy for Tiller's family

WICHITA, Kan., Feb. 9 (UPI) -- Anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder, convicted of killing a Wichita, Kan., abortion provider, says he has no pity for the family of Dr. George Tiller.

Roeder was interviewed last week by David Leach, who shares his views on abortion, the Kansas City Star reported. Leach posted the 10-minute interview Monday on YouTube.


"The fact that George Tiller was involved in the practice that he was, similar to that of a hit man, if you could have sympathy for a hit man's family, that is the sympathy I would have," Roeder said. "If they would have talked the man into stopping his practice many years ago, this would not have had to happen."

Roeder complained the judge did not allow testimony about abortion during his trial. Roeder did testify he felt killing Tiller was the only way to stop him performing abortions.

Carl Tobias of the University of Richmond School of Law told the newspaper Roeder's lack of repentance could affect his sentence. Generally, criminal defendants hope for the shortest possible prison term, and their lawyers advise them to keep their mouths shut, he said.


"There hasn't been very much that's been normal about this case," he concluded.

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