Lesbian defense feared in criminal case

NEW YORK, Jan. 21 (UPI) -- Prosecutors in New York said they are preparing to counter a possible lesbian defense in regards to a prostitution case involving two strippers.

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Daryl Reed said if co-defendants Cassandra Malandri and Falynn Rodriguez attempt to use a lesbian defense to refute prostitution charges, he wants to call Malandri's boyfriend as a witness, the New York Daily News said Thursday.


"One of their defenses may be that they're lesbians," Reed offered in court Wednesday.

"We should be allowed to call her so-called fiance to rebut her."

Attorney Ikiesha al-Shabazz, who is one of the lawyers representing the two women, said it would be faulty logic for someone to argue lesbians would not have sex with a man for money.

"It doesn't even make sense," the defense attorney argued.

The New York Post said Malandri, who is known in the pornographic industry as Alexia Moore, and Rodriguez allegedly offered to have a threesome with a man in exchange for $5,000. The man involved in the alleged 2008 prostitution offer at Big Daddy Lou's Hot Lap Dance Club was an undercover police officer.

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