Scientology foes denounce member's arrest

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 10 (UPI) -- The Church of Scientology is working with Las Vegas police to frame a church critic on terrorism allegations, a protest group says.

Las Vegas SWAT officers and counterterrorism detectives stormed Oct. 15 the home of Colby Schoolcraft, 23, arresting him and seizing an AK-47 machine gun and ammunition after tracing an Internet posting to him. The post made references to blowing things up and "raiding" the Church of Scientology's under-construction facility in the city, the Las Vegas Sun reported.


The newspaper said no charges have yet been filed against Schoolcraft. It reported police were tipped off by church officials to his post several days before a planned demonstration at the facility by Anonymous, an anti-Scientology group that claims to be non-violent and dedicated to fighting what it calls the church's cult-like hold over its members.

Anonymous members reportedly claim Las Vegas authorities are working with the church to "neutralize" Schoolcraft and other Scientology opponents.

But FBI Supervisor Rod Swanson, who leads the Southern Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force, contends authorities were concerned Schoolcraft might be acting as a "lone wolf," beyond the control of his group.


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