Food critic downplays McDonald's in Louvre

PARIS, Oct. 10 (UPI) -- A prominent French food critic says the plan to open a McDonald's fast-food restaurant in the Louvre museum in Paris is no big deal.

Food critic Francois Simon applauded the decision by most French newspapers to not hammer McDonald's plan, saying the Louvre mall is already home to other fast-food eateries, the BBC reported Saturday.


"It is a complete non-event," Simon said. "The Louvre mall already contains other fast-foods. And if you want my opinion, McDonald's is far from being the worst."

Bernard Hasquenof, operator of the "Louvre for all" Web site, disagrees that the plan to open one of the popular U.S. fast-food eateries at the beloved Paris museum is nothing to be concerned about.

"It is a great paradox, which I find very sad -- that the French should have such a great tradition of cooking and culture, and yet turn in such numbers to McDonald's -- which for me is a kind of under-culture, an under-cuisine," Hasquenof told the BBC.

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