Libya's progress lacking, U.N. says

GENEVA, Switzerland, Feb. 18 (UPI) -- More than three years after a revolution ended Moammar Gadhafi's dictatorship, Libya still isn't as free as it should be, the United Nations said Tuesday.

Libyans marked Monday as the third anniversary of the uprising that eventually led to Gadhafi's downfall and death at the end of 2011.


Even though Libya has since formed a democratically-elected government, some doors remained closed on civil rights, said Ravina Shamdasani, a spokeswoman for U.N. human rights chief Navi Pillay.

Shamdasani said freedom of assembly and communication were enshrined in constitutional declarations made after the 2011 revolution, but there are lingering concerns about the new government's commitments to basic human rights.

"There have also been a worrying number of reports in recent months of killings, intimidation, abductions and other attacks against journalists and media workers across Libya," she said Tuesday in a statement.

Despite lingering political and national security challenges, celebratory events Monday were relatively peaceful and marked by festivities across the country, the Libya Herald said.

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