Lebanon sees more Israeli military activity in its turf

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Jan. 9 (UPI) -- The Lebanese military said Thursday it observed four Israeli warplanes cross into its airspace following a recent ground force incursion near the shared border.

The official National News Agency in Lebanon published a statement from the military saying four warplanes crossed into Lebanese airspace Wednesday morning and stayed for about 90 minutes.


In a separate statement, the military said an Israeli drone crossed into Lebanese airspace late Wednesday and patrolled areas near Beirut until Thursday morning local time.

The news agency Wednesday published a statement from Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour saying a complaint was filed with the United Nations against Israel for "spying" on Lebanon.

The Lebanese military went into a heightened state of alert this week after 12 Israeli soldiers moved within 150 feet of crossing the so-called Blue Line, a U.N.-demarcated area separating Israel from Lebanon.

The U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon last week found sites in southern Lebanon used to fire rockets on Israel targets.

An Israeli soldier was shot and killed by a Lebanese military sniper in mid-December. UNIFIL said the Lebanese soldier acted alone.

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