Interpol heads to Kenya for Westgate probe

LYON, France, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- The international police organization Interpol said Thursday it sent a team to Kenya to help authorities investigate the terrorist attack at the Westgate Mall.

Interpol Secretary-General Ronald Noble described Saturday's siege in Nairobi as a "bloodbath." More than 60 people were killed in an attack on the shopping center by al-Shabaab.


Interpol Executive Director of Police Services Jean-Michel Louboutin said a response team deployed to Nairobi at the request of Kenyan authorities.

"Interpol's role is to help coordinate the international response in support of the Kenyan authorities as they investigate this horrific incident, and to assist their actions at the regional and international levels," he said in a statement.

Kenyan officials started their own investigations this week. Parliamentary Defense Committee Chairman Ndung'u Gethanji said a high-ranking panel was looking into any possible security lapses.

"We want to look into the failures and openings that led to this event. Because terrorism exploits openings, we must ensure the systems we have in place protect and serve our people," he was quoted by The(Nairobi) Daily Nation as saying.

Interpol said it was in Nairobi to assist with forensic investigations and comparisons against its global databases to identify victims or possible suspects.


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