Russia readies for arms overhaul

MOSCOW, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- Russia's Defense Ministry said Thursday its missile systems would be protected from external interference, a day after a directive on arms manufacturing.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Dmitry Andreyev said Thursday the 2016 strategic missile system would allow for retargeting of missiles and ensure communications systems are protected from jamming or other forms out external influence, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported.


Missile defense is a source of contention between the United State and Russia. The Kremlin said U.S. ambitions in Eastern Europe would upset the regional balance of power.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a visit to a factory that manufactures the Kalashnikov assault rifle the country's track record in successful weapons development needs durability.

"Our past successes are no reason to sit back and relax," he was quoted as saying Wednesday.

Russian Deputy Prime Ministry Dmitry Rogozin said last week the government plans to spend $650 billion on rearmament and weapons modernization through 2020.

Putin added that many legacy weapons were "no longer able to make the grade."

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