U.N. concerned by ongoing Libyan violence

TRIPOLI, Libya, June 17 (UPI) -- Libyans are called on to reject violence in favor of peaceful dialogue as a way to settle their disputes, the U.N. Support Mission in Libya said.

The independent Libya Herald reports a district judge was assassinated Monday in Derna, east of the restive port city of Benghazi. The BBC reported six soldiers were killed last weekend by "masked gunmen" in Benghazi.


UNSMIL said in a statement Sunday it condemned violence against legitimate security forces working in Benghazi.

"The mission calls on all Libyans to rally around their legitimate institutions, both civilian and military, to enable them to carry out their duties of ensuring security and stability," the statement said. "UNSMIL urges Libyans to reject violence in all its forms and all acts of retaliation."

Benghazi was the center of the uprising that sparked a civil war in Libya in 2011. An assault on the U.S. consulate office there in September left U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three of his staff dead.

The Libya Herald reports lawmakers scheduled their weekly Tuesday meeting in Benghazi rather than Tripoli to reassure the public it remains focused on national security issues.


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