EU mulls cybercrime penalties

BRUSSELS, June 6 (UPI) -- Members of the European Union need to adopt a standard minimum prison term for suspected cybercriminals, a German lawmaker said Thursday.

Members of the European Parliament agreed Thursday on a draft measure that would require members to adopt standard terms of imprisonment for those convicted of cybercrimes.


Monika Hohlmeier, a German member of the EP, said enforcement measures should be comprehensive because cybercrime knows no borders.

"This directive introduces much-needed common rules for criminal law penalties, and also aims to facilitate joint measures to prevent attacks and foster information exchange among competent authorities," she said in a statement.

The measure would require EU member states to set a minimum two-year prison sentence for cybercrimes related to the illegal access of information systems or to the illegal interception of Internet-based communications.

A minimum prison sentence of five years is proposed for cybercrimes targeting power plants, government networks or other systems designated as "critical infrastructure."

The proposal would go to a vote next month.

NATO defense ministers reviewed their defense against cyberthreats during a ministerial conference Tuesday in Brussels. The alliance said cybercrime is a critical threat to its members.


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