Pro-, anti-Brotherhood protests rock Cairo

CAIRO, Aug. 24 (UPI) -- Supporters of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi said they were respectful of his leadership despite calls for opposition marches Friday in Tahrir Square.

Mohamed Abu-Hamed, a former Egyptian lawmakers, joined anti-revolution figure Tawfiq Okasha in calling for the demonstrations to "end Muslim Brotherhood" rule in Egypt.


The Muslim Brotherhood in 2005 controlled 20 percent of the seats in the Egyptian Parliament by running as independent candidates. The group gained considerable political dominance in the series of elections that followed last year's revolution.

One protester who turned out in support of the Egyptian president said supporters would stand by Morsi "until the last drop of our blood," Egyptian news agency al-Ahram reports.

Morsi was a candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party but resigned from his party leadership position after winning the June presidential election.

The Egyptian report said there were minor skirmishes between pro- and anti-Muslim Brotherhood groups but the scene at Tahrir Square in Cairo was described as "generally peaceful."

There were no reports of injuries and al-Ahram reported few police were present at the square.

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