London steps into Basescu fray

LONDON, Aug. 23 (UPI) -- Romanian lawmakers are called to respect a decision by a constitutional court to reinstate the country's president, the British government said.

Romanian President Traian Basescu survived an impeachment effort last month. A 6-3 vote Tuesday by the country's constitutional court was in favor of restoring Basescu to power and invalidated claims made by rival Prime Minister Victor Ponta that the ballot question was based on outdated census figures.


The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office called on Romanian decisions to respect the court's decision.

"At a time of economic uncertainty in Europe, it is crucial for politicians of all parties to preserve confidence in Romania by clearly demonstrating the rule of law, judicial independence and the fight against corruption," the statement read.

Basescu had expressed support for wage cuts and tax increases as a condition for monetary support from international lenders.

Slightly more than 46 percent of registered voters cast ballots on the referendum, which didn't meet the required 50 percent plus one minimum. Among voters who took part in the referendum, 87.5 percent voted in favor of impeachment.

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