Charges filed against Egypt's SCAF

CAIRO, Aug. 23 (UPI) -- The top authority from Egypt's former ruling military council and other key leaders are suspected of having a role in the deaths of protesters, a lawyer said.

Lawyer Assem Qandil said formal charges were filed against former Defense Minister Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, former chief of the military police Hamdi Badeen and two former interior ministries for their alleged roles in the deaths of protesters during last year's revolution, reports Egyptian news service al-Ahram.


Tantawi was dismissed by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi this month. The field marshal had led the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, the junta that took control over Egypt following last year's revolution.

The prosecutor added he was seeking an investigation into the deaths of more than 70 soccer fans during a February riot in Port Said.

Former Egyptian President Honsi Mubarak is serving a 25-year prison sentence following a conviction on charges he played a role in the deaths of protesters involved in the demonstrations that lead to his ouster. He reportedly recently suffered a heart attack.

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