Concerns raised over Mubarak's health

CAIRO, Aug. 10 (UPI) -- A son of former Egyptian President Honsi Mubarak filed a formal complaint about the prison conditions in which his father is held, the defense said.

The defense team for Gamal Mubarak sent a letter to the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights expressing concern for the health of the ousted leader, Egyptian news service al-Ahram reports. Conditions at the hospital in the Tora prison are ill-suited to address the needs of Honsi Mubarak, the complaint says.


Honsi Mubarak is serving a 25-year prison sentence on charges he played a role in the deaths of protesters involved in the demonstrations that lead to his ouster. He reportedly recently suffered a heart attack. The former president in 2010 had gall bladder surgery in Germany.

Concerns of the former president's health come as Egypt's new leaders grapple with security in the Sinai Peninsula, which has remained lawless since the revolution last year.

Attackers, armed with semiautomatic weapons and hand grenades, killed 16 Egyptian soldiers Sunday before streaming across the border into Israel. Egyptian forces were deployed to the region and reports Friday said at least six of the attackers were captured.


Gamal Mubarak and brother Alaa are accused of economic crimes in Egypt. Both are in custody.

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