Somali troops kill Al Shabaab militants

GAROWE, Somalia, Sept. 6 (UPI) -- Somali government troops in Puntland have killed more than 20 Al Shabaab militants.

Puntland Deputy Security Minister Abdi-Jamal Osman Mohamed told a news conference the deaths were the result of fighting in Galkayo between Puntland security forces and Al Shabaab militia members.


The clashes erupted Thursday after Al Shabaab terrorists opened fire on Puntland security forces attempting to arrest members of a terrorist cell that organizes assassinations and bombings at specific locations and continued into Friday, with more than 50 casualties on both sides, Radio Garowe reported. Puntland security forces repelled the Al Shabaab militants to the outskirts of Galkayo, where heavy fighting continued. As residents in the conflict zone had been evacuated, civilian casualties were minimized.

Since 2007 assassinations and bombings in Galkayo have increased, being planned and organized in the neighborhood where the skirmishes are now occurring.

"The people of Puntland must be ready to defend the state from terrorist groups," said Deputy Security Minister Abdi-Jamal.

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