North Korea seizes South Korean resort

PYONGYANG, North Korea, April 23 (UPI) -- North Korea seized five South Korean properties in the Diamond Mountain tourist resort.

Pyongyang said it confiscated the five tourist facilities Friday because the South canceled travel there, The New York Times reports.


The properties belong to a resort that was popular with South Korean tourists until a South Korean woman was killed there in 2008. Seoul suspended tours to the destination and demanded that North Korea investigate the incident. Pyongyang has in the past called on Seoul to reopen travel.

The affair comes as tensions between both countries are mounting.

South Korea is investigating the sinking of a gunboat that went down last month near the North Korean sea border after a blast rocked the ship, which carried a crew of 104. Thirty-eight people are known to have died and eight sailors are unaccounted for.

There was speculation the ship was either hit by a Korean War-era mine or a torpedo fired from a North Korean vessel.

North and South Korea have repeatedly clashed over the disputed sea zone where the incident happened. Since the start of this year, both countries, in what they said were military drills, fired artillery into the sea near the maritime border.


When South Korea and the United States launched joint military drills this month, North Korea announced it would boost its maritime defenses.

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