Canada tells Afghan leaders to step up

UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 28 (UPI) -- The leadership in the Afghan government must do more to develop effective political tools and bring economic growth to their country, Canadian officials said.

Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon said lawmakers in his country adopted a resolution to end its military engagement in Afghanistan by 2011, prompting his government to express concern over the pace of recovery in Afghanistan.


Cannon stressed that Afghan leaders needed to work hard to make progress on a variety of fronts.

"In the months ahead, Canada will be looking to Afghan political leaders to make progress on key priorities -- from good governance, anti-corruption and reconciliation -- to reconstruction, economic growth and regional cooperation -- that will foster stability in Afghanistan," he told the U.N. General Assembly.

His comments come as U.S. policymakers and military strategists weigh their options for Afghanistan in terms of tactics and troop commitments.

U.S. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top NATO and U.S. commander for Afghanistan, issued a dour assessment on the progress in the war. Washington expects to make decisions regarding its commitment to Afghanistan in the coming weeks.


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