Nuke incident training held in Singapore

SINGAPORE, June 5 (UPI) -- Security authorities from the United States and Singapore recently conducted training designed to strengthen emergency response to a nuclear incident.

The exercise, conducted by the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration in Singapore, was part of a larger effort to strengthen the capabilities of emergency response personnel to better handle a nuclear or radiological terrorist incident, the NNSA reported.


The NNSA, an agency in the U.S. Energy Department tasked with nuclear weapons and technology security, says the exercise included more than 100 Singapore government and medical authorities.

"Sharing NNSA's nuclear emergency response expertise by providing training helps improve the global effort to prevent and respond to nuclear and radiological emergencies," Joseph Krol, NNSA associate administrator for emergency operations, said in a statement.

"Our recent workshop in Singapore demonstrates our commitment to cooperative efforts to promote global nuclear security and counter international nuclear terrorism."

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