Port of Kingston to counter nuke threats

WASHINGTON, May 29 (UPI) -- Security authorities at the Port of Kingston in Jamaica say new radiation threat detection capabilities have successfully become operational.

The Port Authority of Jamaica, working in cooperation with the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration, installed advanced radiation threat detection equipment at the Port of Kingston.


The NNSA and the Port Authority of Jamaica along with additional support from the U.S. Embassy in Kingston and Jamaica Customs authorities say that the Kingston Wharves Limited Terminal at the Port of Kingston is now capable of supporting efforts to counter nuclear proliferation, the NNSA reported.

The radiation threat detection equipment was installed at the port as part of the NNSA's Megaports program designed to equip high-traffic ports around the world with next-generation detection capabilities.

"The successful start of Megaports operations at the Port of Kingston highlights the shared commitment of the United States and Jamaica to promoting nuclear security by enhancing the security of the global maritime system," Ken Baker, NNSA principal assistant deputy administrator for defense nuclear non-proliferation, said in a statement.

"This cooperation increases our capability to identify illicit shipments of special nuclear and other radioactive materials and bolsters the worldwide effort to prevent nuclear proliferation and terrorism."


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