European security needs strong cooperation

SAN MARINO , May 29 (UPI) -- European officials concluded a conference Friday in San Marino designed to address global security initiatives through strengthening regional cooperation.

The conference, organized by Interpol, brought together more than 130 delegates to discuss ways to enhance European regional security and support the construction of comprehensive security strategy, Interpol reported.


Officials say the key to strengthen cooperation is grounded in a greater sharing of police information in order to more effectively counter transnational criminal organizations and terrorist groups.

Ronald Noble, Interpol secretary-general, added that the more countries in the European region interact with Interpol the better Interpol can help support security efforts.

"Crime issues that originate in far corners of the world -- that touch many regions -- inevitably end up on our doorsteps, and this, to me represents the true value of what Interpol offers to the countries of Europe," Noble said in a statement.

"Without the active participation of international law enforcement, how can we hope to conduct investigations, collect identity data on suspects, make arrests or prosecute criminals when the web of associated crimes and illegal proceeds spans the globe?"

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