Report lays out plan for Congo stability

BRUSSELS, May 12 (UPI) -- A new report from the International Crisis Group suggests the instability in Congo's east will continue without international partnerships and a real strategy.

In a report titled "Congo: Five Priorities for a Peace-building Strategy," Crisis Group officials laid out a plan to counter the ongoing volatility in Congo's eastern North and South Kivu provinces.


The plan calls for serious involvement from the international community and adherence by Congo's government to a comprehensive strategy. The focus of the peace-building priorities suggested by the report includes political engagement, rebel disarmament, security-sector reforms, reconciliation and providing security for civilians, Crisis Group reported.

"Unless momentum for radical reforms and decisive action against impunity are fostered, the Kivus will revert into a new state of low-intensity conflict under the radar screen of capitals but with continuing tragic consequences for its civilians," Francois Grignon, Crisis Group Africa program director, said in a statement.

"Now is the time to concentrate efforts on a comprehensive strategy and on keeping both Rwanda and the Congo under pressure to abide by all the commitments they have made in the past few months."

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