OSCE releases anti-trafficking manual

VIENNA, April 28 (UPI) -- The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe announced Tuesday the release of a set of guidelines to help combat the trafficking of illicit goods.

The manual, created in response to recommendations from a 2008 OSCE and U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime drug-experts meeting, was released Tuesday by the OSCE's Strategic Police Matters Unit and the Southeast European Cooperative Initiative Regional Center for Combating Transborder Crime, the OSCE reported.


Officials said the manual offers support for security authorities working to combat the growing threat of transnational criminal groups trafficking narcotics and other illicit goods. The new guidelines also encourage improved cross-border cooperation among border-security personnel, law enforcement and other security officials.

"The OSCE/SECI manual aims to support law enforcement in managing controlled deliveries and ensuring that they effectively investigate and prosecute the organized-crime networks responsible for the trafficking of illicit narcotics and psychotropic substances," Kevin Carty, senior police adviser to the OSCE secretary-general, said in a statement.

"The manual details the legislation and rules governing controlled deliveries in each state and provides the relevant contact details. This represents an important step toward improving cooperation across states and agencies in combating transnational organized crime."


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