Rule of law critical for Liberian future

MONROVIA, Liberia, April 16 (UPI) -- Future security in Liberia will depend on efforts to strengthen the rule of law, the United Nations' top representative in the country said.

Ellen Loj, U.N. special representative in Liberia, said the Liberia National Police, the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization and the Bureau of Corrections and Rehabilitation are critical institutions for stability in the country, the United Nations reported.


Loj said the United Nations Mission in Liberia will continue efforts to boost support for the country's rule-of-law institutions in order for Liberia to move forward following more than a decade of civil war.

"This support is crucial to strengthening these institutions, to enable them to deal with security threats due to limited national capacity," Loj said in a statement.

"UNMIL will continue to work alongside the national authorities until the capacity constraints, particularly within the LNP -- operational functions, logistics, management and planning capabilities -- have been addressed."

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