Somali Red Crescent hit with mortar

GENEVA, Switzerland, April 14 (UPI) -- The International Committee of the Red Cross is calling on Somali parties to respect international laws after a Red Crescent Society center was hit by a mortar.

The ICRC said the mortar hit a Somali Red Crescent Society limb-fitting center Monday in the country's volatile capital, Mogadishu. The attack resulted in the death of one local civilian and wounded five others, the committee reported.


While the building was marked with a Red Crescent emblem, officials have not determined whether the mortar attack was deliberate or an inadvertent byproduct from the ongoing security problem in the Horn of Africa country. Ahmed Hassan, Somali Red Crescent president, called on all parties to show restraint and respect international laws that protect humanitarian aid groups.

"The incident illustrates once more how dangerous it is in Mogadishu and how difficult it can be to provide victims of the armed conflict with medical care and humanitarian aid," Hassan said in a statement.

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