Registration for TWIC tops 1 million

WASHINGTON, March 10 (UPI) -- The U.S. Homeland Security Department announced a milestone for enrollment in the Transportation Worker Identification Credential port-security program.

The department's TWIC program, being implemented by the Transportation Security Administration at ports across the United States, has reached an enrollment of 1 million port workers.


The program, designed to ensure security at U.S. ports through extensive biometric and credential background checks, enables longshore workers, truckers and other port workers unescorted access to port areas.

"American ports from coast to coast are more secure today because of the significant progress this program has made," Gale Rossides, TSA acting administrator, said in a statement.

"Enrolling 1 million workers in less than 18 months is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Transportation Security Administration and the United States Coast Guard on this important maritime security effort."

TSA has been working to ensure the 36 required Captain of the Port Zones are in compliance by an April 14 deadline.

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