MUSIS approved by EDA steering board

BRUSSELS, March 6 (UPI) -- The European Defense Agency is moving forward on a project to improve military-satellite capabilities for surveillance and reconnaissance.

The EDA Steering Board announced its approval Thursday of the Multinational Space-based Imaging System. Officials said six EU countries have launched the MUSIS, including Belgium, Germany, Greece, France, Italy and Spain, the EDA reported.


The MUSIS is part of an effort by the EU to establish next-generation military observation satellites for strengthened surveillance, reconnaissance and observation capabilities.

"Space-based-related assets are critical to improve European military capabilities, including for information gathering," Javier Solana, head of the EDA, said in a statement.

"The approved project will be critical to ensure this capability in the longer term, and I welcome very much the initiative of the six EU member states to bring it to EDA."

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