Economic crisis threatens terror defenses

LYON, France, March 4 (UPI) -- The head of Interpol during a meeting in France called on the international community to strengthen cooperation to combat global security threats.

Ronald Noble, Interpol secretary-general, speaking at the fifth Heads of National Central Bureaus conference at Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France, called on the 250 law enforcement officials in attendance to maximize Interpol resources to enhance the capacity to combat organized crime and terrorism, Interpol reported.


At the top of the agenda for the three-day conference, scheduled through Thursday, is strengthening international collective action to address 21st century policing demands. Noble said that despite the current worldwide economic crisis, attention must be paid to countering the threat of terrorism using biological or nuclear weapons.

"In the past months, countries have spent trillions of dollars attempting to rescue their economies. Yet so far, there are no indications that world leaders are seeing the need to confront a threat from terrorists using biological or nuclear weapons that would do far more harm to humanity and global prosperity than the current financial crisis," Noble said in a statement.

"The threat of terrorism is a constant reminder to all of us why police are essential to keeping the world safer and are far too frequently the first to pay the ultimate sacrifice in the selfless defense of others."


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