ICRC targets infrastructure in conflicts

BOGOTA, Feb. 27 (UPI) -- The International Committee of the Red Cross has targeted infrastructure projects as a way to support civilians exposed to Colombia's conflict with terrorists.

Colombia's ongoing campaign against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia terror group, among other rebel organizations, has posed significant challenges to the local civilian populations located near armed conflicts. Obtaining drinking water and other basic services is an ongoing struggle, the ICRC reported.


Officials say that infrastructure improvements can help counter the impact of the armed conflict and weapon contamination on civilians. ICRC recently engaged in a campaign to provide access to education, health and subsistence by building a school boardinghouse.

"The boardinghouse takes the pressure off the family budget, reduces school dropout rates and lessens the children's exposure to the hazards existing in the area as a result of the armed conflict," the release said.

ICRC officials say the boardinghouse also helps prevent children being recruited into rebel groups.

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