Fort Bliss simulates Afghan summer

FORT BLISS, Texas, Feb. 16 (UPI) -- Canadian troops recently conducted exercises at the U.S. Army's Fort Bliss to experience environmental conditions similar to the summer in Afghanistan.

Soldiers from the 12th Armored Regiment of Canada are part of Task Force 1-09 that is training for a deployment to Afghanistan.


The Canadians traveled to the 1,700-square-mile Fort Bliss, located in Texas, for their final confirmation exercise and to train in an environment that is similar to the rugged conditions they will face in Afghanistan during the summer, the Canadian National Defense reported.

Officials say the 12th Armored Regiment conducted improvised explosive device clearing exercises, training on handling detainees and worked to establish greater communication that will be required to counter the growing Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan.

"The training area is big, and the weather is similar to where we will be going," Cpl. Stephane Simony, 12th Armored Regiment, said in a statement.

"It gives us all a chance to do some adjusting to this type of environment before we deploy."

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