Special Ops engaged in global struggle

WASHINGTON, Feb. 12 (UPI) -- While Iraq and Afghanistan have the greatest number of U.S. troops, the Special Operations Command is engaged in counter-terrorism operations around the world.

Top security and defense experts recently participated in the Virginia-based National Defense Industrial Association's Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict symposium and addressed the global war on terror outside Iraq and Afghanistan, where special operations troops are deployed in more than 60 countries, the American Forces Press Service reported.


With much of the focus on the U.S. deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, Special Operations Command officials are working to support ongoing or potential low-intensity conflicts in places like the southern Philippines, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.

The main concern for the Special Operations Command is the potential crisis situation in nuclear-armed Pakistan. Army Lt. Col. Chuck Miller said that with tribalism, poverty and widespread illiteracy, among other social concerns, Pakistan is the "world's most dangerous place."

Pakistan "represents more than just resupply routes for the war in Afghanistan," Miller said in a statement.

"As the only Islamic nuclear power, Pakistan represents one of the world's most complex environments with which the Western world must deal."

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