India security needs joint decision-making

NEW DELHI, Feb. 6 (UPI) -- India's national security depends on comprehensive joint decision-making, according to a study by the Center for Joint Warfare Studies.

The report, released Friday by the India-based national security analysis group, says that with a government bureaucracy that has more than 40 ministries and departments, more work needs to be done on interagency coordination in order to effectively protect India's national security interests, the Indian Defense Ministry reported.


Indian Air Marshal S.C. Mukul, chairman of the Center for Joint Warfare Studies' Integrated Staff Committee, said the report calls the central government's ability to reform decision-making at the highest levels critical to the future security of India.

"A coordinating interagency mechanism has become a paramount need of the hour to sustain our national interests across the globe," Mukul said in a statement.

"A joint national security decision-making which could contribute to comprehensive national power through seamless interagency coordination between all agencies involved in national defense is thus the need of the hour."

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