Securing dangerous cargo to be discussed

BRUSSELS, Feb. 5 (UPI) -- NATO says it will host a three-day seminar with top international defense experts to address the evolving threat to the transportation of dangerous substances.

NATO officials say the seminar, taking place at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels, will bring together civilian and military experts to discuss possible best practices to ensure security during transport of substances classified as dangerous. Officials say dangerous materials include ammunition and explosives, among other possible threats to populations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization reported.


The security experts are expected to address issues concerning training and standardization of practices during the handling of dangerous goods. Additionally officials will focus on ways that civilian and military operators can reduce the risk of a terrorist or transnational criminal group compromising security during the transport of dangerous materials.

"The seminar taking place in Brussels will provide another opportunity for this small community of experts to share best practice and seek further ways to harmonize civilian requirements with those unique to the military," the release said.

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