Sri Lanka makes conflict list

BRUSSELS, Feb. 2 (UPI) -- A military offensive in Sri Lanka's north topped a list of escalating conflict situations around the world, according to the monthly CrisisWatch report.

The Belgium-based independent non-governmental organization International Crisis Group says there were four actual or potential conflicts in January that deteriorated, according to its CrisisWatch analysis on global conflict situations, the Crisis Group reported.


The report listed the Sri Lankan army's ongoing offensive targeting the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam militant group in the county's north as making "decisive gains" in January. Despite the progress, large numbers of local civilians were killed in January and the conflict situation is increasingly making it more difficult for aid organizations to support the growing number of wounded people.

The CrisisWatch report also listed the escalation of the Israeli military's ground campaign in Gaza. While a temporary cease-fire was reached on Jan. 18 between Hamas and Israel, the intensified conflict resulted in extensive civilian deaths.

The anti-government protests in Madagascar and the clashes between government forces and Tuareg rebels in Mali were also listed in the CrisisWatch report of conflicts that deteriorated.

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